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Heja Ludde!

Ludde Ingvall är tillbaka i Sydney-Hobart. Och vill att hela världen ska ha koll på det! Snattat från den officiella sajten:

"Ludde Ingvall has been absent from the Rolex Sydney Hobart ever since he snuck his 90 foot maxi Nicorette first across the line amid the mayhem of the 2004 race. Now he’s back, the boat with a bigger rig and a new name – YuuZoo - and Ingvall has a bold new idea for dramatically increasing the exposure of ocean racing around the world. “This Rolex Sydney Hobart is going to be one of the biggest events ever in sailing,” he declares. “There have never been so many large supermaxis on the same start line and I didn’t think it fair that all the other guys should have the fun without me. “But mostly, this project is about all the youngsters who do this race, who are getting a chance to live this dream.” YuuZoo will be bulging with electronic gear of every sort, connected to the internet 24/7. Ingvall wants his young crew twittering and YouTubing and blogging until their typing fingers are worn out.  “One of the areas I believe sailing has gone wrong is we have 20 odd youngsters racing one of these fantastic boats to Hobart, one of the big adventures of the world, and we have one spokesman, a skipper who answers all the questions. “It’s time we allowed the youngsters to tell how they are experiencing being on a big boat, being part of a professional racing team, on this amazing adventure

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I övrigt undrar vi varför Skype båten "Ran" inte seglar under svensk flagg. Skandal!